Update/The Reverie

Don't you just love all my little pictures I put in my posts?  I think they enhance things a bit.  The visuals make me happy.  This visual is because Studoc has been studying extra EXTRA long hours because he has an exam every day this week, each day on a different subject.  I'd like to have a little chat with the guy who thought this was an excellent idea, and teach him about such phrases as "disgruntled wife" and "studying so hard it fries the brain."  <---As to the latter, I'm certain there's some science behind that.

The only thing about the picture that's inaccurate is all the words, when Studoc's books are mostly filled with pictures/drawings.  And no matter what book you open, it inevitably opens to drawings of men/women unmentionable parts.  I make a point to never open up his books, because I'm squeamish and stuff like seeing the insides of people grosses me out.  Even if they're drawings.  I don't care about seeing the insides, people.  I just want it all to work properly!

Getting through this week will be a relief for our family....I feel stressed about these tests, and I'm not even the one taking them.  Kind of like when I played soccer back in the day.......(harp music playing while blurry cloudiness signals I'm in a reverie.  And let's add a soccer ball picture, too).

There we go.  So once upon a time when I played soccer, I remember how it felt to play during the game.  The pressure ran through our players like electrical fun.  We wanted to do our best, and preferably win.  I loved being in the game, and having that feeling...even though it was pressure, I knew I was in there and could make a difference.

The hardest part of the game by far was when we had to rotate people and I had to sit on the sidelines for a bit.  The pressure was still there--the anxiousness, the excitement--but it was different.....because I wasn't in the game.  I yearned to be in the field to do something about the pressure I felt.  To block that kick.  To steal the ball from that player.  To help my team.  But it was out of my control.   

I have felt like this about Studoc's tests in medical school.  I feel the pressure, anxiousness, and excitement (although I'm sure he feels things emotions to greater degrees than I do).  But I'm not in the game.  I'm on the sideline.  It's difficult to be involved with the team and not in the game--I can't very well go to school with him--but I'm trying to find ways to help and support from the sideline.  I'll cheer him on.  Be there for the wins and losses.  With juice boxes and orange slices.


Kensi said...

Test time is stressful for everyone, ugh! I like the new blog look!

Keely said...

Brilliant soccer comparison. I'm sure I don't feel anything close to the amount of stress he does on test weeks, but man do I get freaked! I want him to do well...always...and I do everything in my power to make sure the rest of his world is in perfect working order during those times.

And yeah, why do they feel the need to jam every test into one week? Insane.

kBw said...

Test time is the worst, especially Step One, because you cannot study for them or make the test less stressful and that is all you want to do. But, I think the important thing is that they know you'll love them and support them no matter what, at least that removes a tiny bit of stress. That and make everything else as stress free as possible. Thanks for finding me :) I love your blog! xo

medicalwife said...

Oh my, oh my. I remember when C had those weeks in medical school. We were long distance at the time, but I remember how horrendous it was for him and how I didn't often get to talk to him because of it. Best you can do is be there to listen when he wants to vent and give him a hug/kiss/massage/whatever he needs in way of support when he takes those rare breaks. AND IT DOES ALL PAY OFF. I thought we would never get past those days of test after test after test. C thought medical school might kill him, I'm pretty sure. But the other day, C said to me, "I only have two tests left in all of medical school." And it's true, other than the clinical skills board exam, he has two tests left in medical school, and it's only September. It's almost like the reward for working so hard those first three years.

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