Keely tagged me a while ago to answer her 8 questions and tag 8 other bloggers to answer 8 questions of my own.  (Take your time.  Life is busy!  Do the tag on one of those days where you can't think of anything to blog about. :)

Here are my answers to Keely's questions:

1)  Which 90s sitcom are you more attached to (if either), Saved By the Bell or Full House?

Oh man, I watched every episode of both!  I was mainly attached to Full House because I totally had a crush on Uncle Jesse.  Of course I had a crush on Zack Morris too!  Hmmmm.....if I had to choose I'd say.....Saved By the Bell.  Mostly because I can still watch re-runs of it and enjoy it--it was actually quite clever many times.  But now when I watch Full House it's like 1) I have every episode memorized and 2) when the "learning a lesson" talk comes and that corny music plays, I cringe inside.  But still, both great shows!
2)  Which television couple is your all-time fav?  Why?

I'd have to say.....Ross and Rachel from "Friends."  I loooooove Friends, and I think their history together and how he's loved her since high school and she finally realizes they're soul mates after some ups and downs is so endearing and genuine.  Since I'm a Friends nerd and have watched all the behind the scenes talks from the creators, they said that the original idea was a main love story between Joey and Monica, but that after a few episodes they realized the real chemistry was with Ross and Rachel.  So true.
3)  What was your favorite childhood toy?
Remember these?  These were SO cool!  They were called "Flying Turtles" and I would play with this for hours on the sidewalk in our backyard.  Only I would ride on them the "cool" way....not the safe way as pictured, but with one knee where you're supposed to sit and the other leg pushing from behind like a skateboard.  I was so rad.

4)  Why did you start a blog?

I needed a place to write and cope with the changes of starting med school and get connected with lots of other med wives.  I also aim to have this blog be sort of a journal of our journey through med school, what we've learned so far that can possibly help those on the road to med school understand what it's like, and update friends and family on our lives which now revolve around med school.

5)  How long did you know your husband before you got married?

About 1 year.

6)  What is something you always splurge on? (example: shoes)

 My hair.  I love getting highlights, but it's so expensive!  I rationalize by telling myself that I really don't buy a lot of clothes, shoes, purses, makeup, or accessories (hey, I'm a simple girl), but I do love getting my hair done!

7)  What is something you like to save on/bargain hunt for? (example: textbooks)

I especially like to save on diapers.  That's one of the things I totally break out my phone calculator and calculate the cost per diaper to find the cheapest deal. 

8)  What is your guy's favorite thing that you cook?

My husband is waaaay better at cooking than I am......so I'll say he probably likes my brownies and pancakes.  Impressed??

Okay, so now I'm tagging these 8 great bloggers...

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...to answer these 8 questions!

1.  How many tickets have you gotten and what for? (And if you've gotten out of one, how'd you do it??)
2.  What is the best piece of advice you'd give to a wife whose husband is just starting med school?
3.  What is your favorite movie quote?
4.  What is your favorite mascara?
5.  What do you like most about having a medical student/resident husband?
6.  What do you like least about having a medical student/resident husband?
7.  What do you love to eat despite the fact it's not healthy?
8.  What do you do to relax when you get stressed?

If I didn't tag you and you are reading this and want to do it, you should!  It's fun and your answers may be helpful to others....especially the one about mascara...that can be life-changing! ;)


What's up StuDoc?

An update on Studoc's medschool happenings

Studoc recdently had a big test on immunology, pharmacology, and cell pathology.  Too many "ology"s in my book!  I was kind of excited, because part of the test was on a bunch of different drugs and details about them.  He made flashcards, and I quizzed him and came up with some silly mnemonic devices--my forte!--to help him remember. (I totally had to look up how to spell mnemonic, by the way.)  It just felt good to be able to help him study.  He also remembers things more when he talks it through out loud, so I also help out by letting him talk at me about his material in medical language that may as well be Greek to me.  But hey--whatever helps him study!  I was excited to be able to help.

Yesterday, Studoc had an injection lab where they were taught how to give injections and practiced on a partner.  Yep, you heard right, they practiced on each other!  They got stuck 5 times.....4 times with saline and 1 time with a flu shot.

One of the shots was a shot in the rear!  Since Studoc had his guy buddy for a partner, I pretty much just made fun of him.  But actually, he says the shot is at the very top of the glut almost in line with your hip, so it's not like there was full-fledged mooning going on.

And for another one of the shots, they had to give it to themselves in the stomach like diabetics do I guess.  Studoc said he didn't have a big problem with it, because he has the ability to make himself do things that need to be done even if he doesn't really want to do it.  Good skill for a doctor--and life--if you ask me.

But he said some people stood there trying to do it for like 10 minutes and just couldn't bring themselves to do it.  He said some girls were all out crying because they couldn't do it.  Studoc said you can barely feel a stomach shot because the nerves are so spread out in your trunk area.  At any rate, I'm glad this is something he doesn't have to practice on me--needles give me the heebie-geebies!--and I can pretty much guarantee I'd be one of the crying girls!


Love or sleep?

Let's get one thing out on the table.  I'm definitely one of those people who needs to get a good night's sleep.  Needs as in mandatory or else I am literally sick the next day and my mean shameful short-tempered crankypants side of myself rears its ugly head.  It's not a pretty picture here, people.  My point:  Sleep is extremely important to me.

Know what else is important to me?  My husband.  Studoc and I are like those annoying teenage romances where you want to be with each other every minute of the day and talk/text to each other all day because we miss each other all day.  Sappy, huh?  But seriously, even 4 1/2 years married and 1 kid later, we still cannot seem to get sick of each other and still participate in some puppy love rituals.  Like, for instance, always giving each other a hug and kiss when one of us leaves the other.  This is very important to us, especially since we don't see a whole lot of each other these days.

Enter my dilemma:  Studoc leaves for school before I wake up.  Do I have him gently wake me to give me a hug and kiss good-bye which makes it harder and sometimes impossible to fall back asleep?  Or do I tell him not to say good-bye before he leaves so I don't lose out on precious sleep?  Each night before bed I tell him whether or not to say good-bye to me in the morning so I can try it both ways.  This may not seem like a big deal, but it makes a big difference in our day to briefly connect before our demanding days take over (also see above about being super lame in love with each other).

I guess I could go to bed eariler so that when he says good-bye it's not imperative for me to get those extra hours, just in case I can't go back to sleep.  Sounds nice and easy....great advice, Mel.  Top notch.  Except for the fact that we're night owls no matter how hard we try to go to bed early!  But that's another story...

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