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An update on Studoc's medschool happenings

Studoc recdently had a big test on immunology, pharmacology, and cell pathology.  Too many "ology"s in my book!  I was kind of excited, because part of the test was on a bunch of different drugs and details about them.  He made flashcards, and I quizzed him and came up with some silly mnemonic devices--my forte!--to help him remember. (I totally had to look up how to spell mnemonic, by the way.)  It just felt good to be able to help him study.  He also remembers things more when he talks it through out loud, so I also help out by letting him talk at me about his material in medical language that may as well be Greek to me.  But hey--whatever helps him study!  I was excited to be able to help.

Yesterday, Studoc had an injection lab where they were taught how to give injections and practiced on a partner.  Yep, you heard right, they practiced on each other!  They got stuck 5 times.....4 times with saline and 1 time with a flu shot.

One of the shots was a shot in the rear!  Since Studoc had his guy buddy for a partner, I pretty much just made fun of him.  But actually, he says the shot is at the very top of the glut almost in line with your hip, so it's not like there was full-fledged mooning going on.

And for another one of the shots, they had to give it to themselves in the stomach like diabetics do I guess.  Studoc said he didn't have a big problem with it, because he has the ability to make himself do things that need to be done even if he doesn't really want to do it.  Good skill for a doctor--and life--if you ask me.

But he said some people stood there trying to do it for like 10 minutes and just couldn't bring themselves to do it.  He said some girls were all out crying because they couldn't do it.  Studoc said you can barely feel a stomach shot because the nerves are so spread out in your trunk area.  At any rate, I'm glad this is something he doesn't have to practice on me--needles give me the heebie-geebies!--and I can pretty much guarantee I'd be one of the crying girls!


Wife.. Mom... etc.. said...

I am with you.. No needles for this wife. LOL

thedrswifeisin said...

Nice! My father-in-law said when he was in med school (back in the day) they had to do rectal exams on each other too! Can you believe that? GROSS!!! I would drop out...

lifeofadoctorswife said...

Wow - I don't think my husband had to do that... I think they practiced on oranges? Or I could be blocking it out because the thought of shots makes me woozy.

Just like DrsWifeIsIn, my father and his co-med students had to give each other rectal exams. CRAZY.

Mel said...

I think doing rectal/pelvic exams on your med school friends is insanity....good thing Studoc does NOT have to do anything like that!

And yes, I have heard of practicing on oranges, grapefruits, or chicken because it's quite similar...except probably a lot easier!

And I'm so very glad to hear I'm not the only whimp about shots. :)

doctorandmrs said...

Wow ... I'm glad the days of student-on-student rectal exams are over! I've never heard of that. I do think the first time Will has to do a pelvic exam on a real person (though hopefully not a classmate!), I'd rather not hear about it. Now tell me how many professions are there where wives have those type of concerns? I can think of one ...

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