1.  Where are you guys in the Med School process?

2.  When will Studoc become a doctor?

After he graduates Med School Year 4 he will be a doctor.  However, he'll still have several years of Residency before he's on his own as a practicing physician doing whatever he wants.  Well, not whatEVER he wants, but you know what I mean. :)

3.  What is Residency?

Rigorous master's training after medical school.  The length of residency depends on the specialty you decide to go into.  It's usually 3-5 years.  Sometimes longer!

4.  What specialty is Studoc going into?

He's not sure yet.  He'll have a better idea once he does rotations.

5.  What are rotations?

Rotations occur in Med School years 3 & 4.  This is where students shadow and assist doctors in different areas of medicine to broaden their knowledge of medical specialties.  It gives them experience and helps them decide what specialty they want as a career.  Rotations are generally about 6 weeks, and having to travel out of town for those 6 weeks is not uncommon.

6.  When is the best time to get married/have a baby during this whole crazy process?

Whenever it feels right to you.  There's no perfect time--seriously.  I will say this though, many med school students have the summer after their first year off, but you'll have to check with your school.  Many people get married or have a baby during this time, because it's typically the last summer off.  Aside from that, just choose a time that works for both of you (probably not right before Board exams) and everything will work out just fine!

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