I love cell phones!

I repeat....I LOVE cell phones!  This happens to be the phone that Studoc and I both have right now, the LG Chocolate Touch.  It's not the greatest phone I've ever had, but it's alright.  The one big thing it lacks is learning text, which my old Chocolate had, and you don't realize what a big deal it is until you don't have it.  So if a word is not in your predictive text, you have to ABC it every single time....and it doesn't remember it!  The virtual keypad takes some getting used to also.  But my reason for posting that I love cell phones is not to give a review of mine (which you apparently got anyway)...

....I love cell phones because Studoc is gone so much all day, and thanks to the marvelous invention of the cell phone, we can still keep in touch and he doesn't feel so out of reach.  We text each other during the day.  He calls me on his lunch hour.  I send him videos of Bean, which always makes him happy to see his baby and also a little sad that he's not there.  And Studoc sometimes sends me videos of himself "paying attention" in lecture, because it's fun for me to see him, too.  Obviously, all of this is done in moderation so as not to distract from all the learning and whatnot. :)

In Interpersonal Communication you learn that it's the small, "mundane", everyday interactions that are the most important for strengthening and maintaining relationships.  It's not the big relational moments that we tend to think of as our defining moments--it's the little everyday consistencies that are most important and bring us closer together.

So thank you, cell phone, for increasing my mundane interactions and helping me feel like my Studoc is still part of my day!


Tiffany said...

I know that Hyrum was probably not gone as much as StuDoc is right now but it was so tough. I can only imagine how difficult it is to feel lonely in a new place and missing your family. Thank goodness for the cell phone not only to stay connected with your hubby but with your family and friends as well! Hang in there friend! You can do it!

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