Labor Day "Vacation"

Today was Labor Day Holiday.  So Studoc didn't have school.

I wish I could say we slept in way late to catch up on much-needed sleep.
I wish I could say we spent the whole day at the beach basking in the warm sun and splashing in salty water.
I wish I could say we got together with a bunch of friends and family for dinner and had a rockin' BBQ.
I wish I could say we had a blissful, relaxing day where we got to be together alllllll day.


Well, all that didn't happen.  We got up at our normal times, and Studoc had to go to school to poke around at dead bodies.  He has a big lab practical next week, so he and a bunch of his classmates met at school to study the cadavers, because his practical is going to be something where the professor points to a bunch of different muscles, nerves, veins, arteries, bones, etc. on the cadaver, and he has to know what they all are and do.  Yeah, it's a LOT to know....hence the all day (and all week) studying.

BUT.......when he came home and needed a break, we went to a nearby park with Bean to feed the ducks in a pretty pond and play frisbee in the green grass.  It was really fun!

Bean with the ducks

Then we came home because Studoc had to study for several more hours.  But at least we got to spend a little more time together than normal and do something fun!


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! Our school has it's first block exam tomorrow, so Labor day was just another Lonely day, with 6 am - 10 pm studying. Just like all the others. *sigh*

Kensi said...

I know the feeling. However since we are in Grenada, Labor Day didn't mean anything and my husband still had his regular school schedule.

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