How to Interpret Your Med Student


1.  Studoc:  "I have a test in 3 weeks."
     Interpretation:  "You won't see me for 3 weeks."

2.  Studoc:  "I'm on my way to anatomy lab."
     Interpretation:  "I can't text you for the next 3 hours, cuz I'll be elbow-deep in a dead guy."

3.  Studoc:  "My quiz is in the morning."
     Interpretation:  "I'll be up studying all night, so sleep with this pillow next to you."

4.  Studoc:  "I learned something really interesting today."
     Interpretation:  "...and now I want to practice it on YOU!"

5.  Studoc:  "What?  I don't remember saying I'd take out the trash."
     Interpretation:  "My brain is so jam-packed I now communicate on autopilot."

6.  Studoc:  "We worked on cadavers again today."
     Interpretation:  "...and that's why I smell all funky."

7.  Studoc:  "I wouldn't be able to do all this without you."
     Interpretation:  "I wouldn't be able to do all this without you."


DJ said...

haha! I can SO relate to #4 and #5. Common sense just.... disappeared pretty much as soon as med school started.

Anonymous said...

Love it. :-) So very true!

MJ @ MD School Mrs said...

Amen, sister! I thought we were going to be free of smelling like cadavers this year, but the Hubby just signed up to assist the first years in the lab...joys ;)

Wife.. Mom... etc.. said...

I love this.. so true.. the last one is awesome though..

Ashley + Christian said...

Studoc: "I have a test in 3 weeks."
Interpretation: "You won't see me for 3 weeks."

Ha! Yes, this! He even tries to avoid eye contact when he says it, like he can avoid a bummer reaction if he can't see me have one. We have a master calendar so I know when all his exams are, but this happens mostly when he's breaking down his study schedule for me and informing me he'll be with a study group at the IHOP down the street from mid afternoon till 2AM.

the last is the best. and wonderful. probably how we've survived our first year of marriage amidst year two. saying that to each other...frequently. :)

Daren and Andrea said...

OK. I'm totally laughing at #4! My husband is MS3. And he's really wanting to try things on me now that he is actually doing things.
Best of luck to you!! I'll probably be stopping by your blog more often.

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