5 Things That Got Me Through Med School Year 1

Well, we're about a month into year 2 of medical school, and so far it is not nearly as difficult as year 1!  Year 1 is hard, yo.  Too many changes at once.  One of the hardest things was fear--not knowing what to expect from life in medical school, and at least going into year 2 we pretty much know what to expect.  Yes, it's still hard, but we've adapted.

Looking back on year 1, I don't even know how we got through it all.  But we did!  And here is my personal MS1 survival list, in no particular order.

1.  Donkey Kong
I've never been big on video games.  A big waste of time, I use to say.  Thing is, sometimes you want pass the time.  Sometimes you need a distraction from the stress of daily life.  Sometimes collecting coins and bananas relaxes you and makes you feel like you accomplished something other than worrying.  So thank you, video games, for the distraction.  I say bring on the bananas.

2.  Going on Walks
I use to think going on walks was for old people.  Either I was wrong, or I am now old people.  Walks are like magic.  They are so calming, boost your mood, and rekindle your appreciation for nature.  We live in such a beautiful, picturesque city in California, and soaking in the fresh air and landscape does wonders for me.  I grab my toddler and the stroller and walk nearly 2 miles every day.  I'm addicted.  And I highly recommend it!

3.  The Bachelor / Bachelorette
The Bachelor and Bachelorette are the only crap TV shows I watch.  And I enjoy them terribly.  What better way to forget your own drama/problems than to watch and judge other people's?? :)  Truth be told (and I know this sounds like rationalization) I really enjoy watching relationships form and change.  Plus, it fills the time Monday nights while Studoc is studying for hours.  So, I'd like to give a loving shout out to crap TV.  Thank you for enduring fame and trips to Tahiti for my entertainment.

4.  Family & Friends
Before you start saying this should be number 1, remember I said it was in no particular order!  Yes, how could I have gotten through MS1 without family and friends??  We don't have family where we live for medical school, but my wonderful family and kind in-laws made frequent visits, driving many hours to help us through a difficult time in our lives.  I also made several friends that have made me feel included here, and I'm part of an amazing playgroup where I get to chat with super nice moms and let my son play with friends as well.  Double win!

5.  Vampire Academy
Well, let it be known I'm also a fan of teen novels.  I'm not ashamed.  Reading is supposed to be fun, adventurous, and introduce you to characters you feel you know on a personal level.  And Vampire Academy definitely delivers (and made the lonely nights of Studoc studying much more enjoyable).  There are 6 books in the series, and each book gets better and better.  This series makes Twilight look like child play.  And (sorry Bella) the main girl character in this series is not insecure, whiny or clumsy--she is strong, sexy, and a fighter!  Such a fun character to read.  Amazing characters, action, and love story.  I teared up a few times.  I will tell you that this is a PG13 book.  There's some language, most of which subsides after the first book (because she matures as a character).  And it's surely sexier than Twilight (but vampires in general are just sexy, right?).  Anyway, I was glad to have great books to go to and read them all as fast as my local library could dish them out.

Looking back, Year 1 of medical school was a year of surviving and distracting.  I'm hoping to make year 2 of medical school a year of more enjoying. :)


Reece said...

I would agree with this as far as how easy it is/was for me. I feel that 2nd year has been easier for me, but harder for my med student husband, just because of the way the classes are grouped together! goodluck in your second year!

MJ @ MD School Mrs said...

We're back in the saddle over here too - 2nd year, just three days in! It's a totally new format for my hubby, so here's to hoping he likes it ;)

Hope you're making good progress on your "enjoying!"

medstudentwife08 said...

I'm in year 3 with my med student hubby and we have a 6 month old. Any advice on surviving med school with a baby. I'm exhausted. I never knew being a housewife and mom would be so much work. Right now I feel like I'm giving and not getting anything in return from my husband. I feel bad asking him to spend time with our daughter bc he always has to study, and I don't want to bother him. He's missing out on so much.But schools the priority I guess.

medstudentwife08 said...

Any advice on surviving medical school with a baby. My husband's in year 3 of med school and we have a 6 month old. I feel like I have to ask him to spend time with her. but I don't want to nag, especially bc I know how hard med school is and he has to study all the time. But it's so frustrating having to ask him to spend time with his daughter. I wish he's just want to. I'm a housewife and taking care of the baby and house and doing all the chores and laundry and cooking is exhausting. but I don't want to complain to him bc I know he can't help (right?) (or can he?) I thought being a housewife would be easier. I'm so overwhelmed. And I feel like a failure. I never get all the stuff on my list done. I suck at this.

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