You Know You're a Med Wife When...

...you know a shocking amount of information about Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and the Plague.

Here's a pic of a happy sunflower instead of the plague.  You're welcome!

Studoc is swamped studying for his finals which are today, tomorrow, and Friday.  I have been quizzing him with flashcards on tons of drugs....their method of action, what they're used for, and their toxicities.  Many of them have names that look like a bunch of consonants strung together in random fashion.    

Another thing that helps Studoc study is when I let him talk at me.  As in, he stands up and talks at me about the material in teacher-student fashion because it helps him remember the material and sort it out.  I sit and try to appear interested (college made me super good at this) but really I'm just trying to keep my eyes open because I don't understand a word.  Little does he know the whole time I look intrigued I'm just thinking, "Wow, it's so amazing to have him home tonight.  Even if he's studying and saying all this gobble-di-gook at me...so great to have him home..."  Occasionally, he'll say something I understand, and I'll say "Hey!  I've heard of that!"  But that's about it.  Pretty rare, truth be told.

So, lately I've listened to a tidal wave of information about crazy diseases and viruses....which isn't good considering I'm pretty much a hypochondriac.

Studoc:  "These are the signs and symptoms of blibbidy-blob disease...."
Me:  "I feel tired a lot and get upset stomach and more stuff just like you said.  Do I have that disease?"
Studoc:  "No."
Me:  (reaching for laptop to confirm on all-knowing Wikipedia that I don't have said disease)
Studoc:  "Don't look it up!  It'll just freak you out more.  I promise you don't have blibbidy-blob disease."
Me:  (sigh)  "Oh, alright."

I guess for now I'll just have to trust that I don't have the Plague. :)  But dude, hearing about all this freaky stuff makes me want to scrub my whole apartment down with bleach, never touch any animals, and basically live in a bubble.

P.S.  I'm from So. Cal.  I'm allowed to say dude. :)


Change is Good said...

I can totally relate to this. My husband writes his first exam on Sat and he's been "teaching" me, but fortunately I have the ability to let it in one ear and out the other :-) Best of luck to your husband and enjoy a little break after exams.

Keely said...

I say dude all the time. No sweat. And I get talked "at" a lot too. We're such good sports, but it really is nice to have them around...

Kensi said...

haha, this post made me laugh. It's so true!! Sounds like a typical evening at my house, don't you just love being married to a med student?

Just Another Doctor's Wife said...

Haha... so true! I hate being the subject.

MJ said...

Relate relate relate! I don't understand half of the things that come out of my husband/med student's mouth anymore...and as for playing patient? My fingers were slightly numb the other day after my hubby finished practicing with his blood pressure cuff!

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