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I saw this medical school aptitude test on a couple of other med wife blogs, and thought I'd have my husband take the test.  Copying the blogs I read, I'm bolding the specialties Studoc finds interesting.  Once 3rd and 4th year rotations (test-driving many specialties for several weeks) come around, I'm sure he'll have a clearer picture of what he'd like to go into.

So just for fun, here are his result rankings (and sorry about it being super spaced out...it looked fine when I copied and pasted the scores from the website but it reformatted when I published this post and I'm too lazy to try to fix it...let's just say it's reeeeeeally easy to read now! :)

4radiation oncology42
9thoracic surgery40
10aerospace med40
11nuclear med40
12med oncology40
14emergency med40
18plastic surgery38
19occupational med38
20general internal med38
22infectious disease37
24colon & rectal surgery37
25preventive med37
26general surgery37
28physical med & rehabilitation36
29orthopaedic surgery36
32allergy & immunology34
36family practice33

I had to Google the specialties I was curious about, because I honestly don't know what half of these are!

And for even MORE fun, I took the test for him and answered the questions according to how I view his personality and where his talents lean.  Here are my/his results (again, with bolding what he's kind of interested in):

Rank Specialty Score
1 occupational med 45
2 ophthalmology 45
3 anesthesiology 45
4 dermatology 44
5 rheumatology 44
6 pediatrics 44
7 physical med & rehabilitation 43
8 nephrology 42
9 hematology 42
10 radiation oncology 42
11 colon & rectal surgery 41
12 thoracic surgery 41
13 radiology 41
14 general surgery 40
15 plastic surgery 40
16 otolaryngology 40
17 infectious disease 40
18 gastroenterology 40
19 emergency med 40
20 pathology 39
21 nuclear med 39
22 urology 39
23 obstetrics/gynecology 38
24 endocrinology 38
25 med oncology 38
26 pulmonology 38
27 general internal med 38
28 allergy & immunology 37
29 neurology 37
30 neurosurgery 37
31 aerospace med 37
32 psychiatry 36
33 preventive med 36
34 orthopaedic surgery 36
35 cardiology 34
36 family practice 30

Interesting, huh?  Like I said, we'll have a clearer picture once we're farther into this game, but it's pretty interesting to see how our test results vary.  Apparently, I view him differently than he views himself.  Or we are very different test-takers.  Or both.

Here's the link to the free test in case you want your med student to take it, or if you want to take it for someone for fun, or if you have nothing to do with the medicine world but would like to know what specialty you'd be best at in an alternate universe!

*Does anyone know anything good or bad about any of these specialties and want to share so I can be educated by more than Wikipedia? :)


lifeofadoctorswife said...

It will be so interesting to see where he ends up! My husband went into med school interested in cardiology, and med school completely changed his mind! (He's pursuing GI.)

The only thing I know about any of your husband's top choices is that cards is fairly competitive and peds is not as competitive. Not very helpful, I know!

samuel said...
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samuel said...


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