Medschool Lesson #1: Get past the guilt

The first main obstacle with the start of this whole medschool adventure is the issue of guilt.  Studoc and I had several important conversations where we were both dealing with issues of guilt.....

--His guilt for causing us to move away from our families to a new place to pursue his dream and causing me emotional distress from so much change.

--My guilt for feeling so much distress and wanting to be superwomanmedicalschoolwife right off the bat when I'm still trying to cope with the anxiety of change.

--His guilt for being gone so much at school and away studying and not being able to spend as much time with Bean and me as he'd like.

--My guilt that when he is actually home and I want to spend some time with him that I know I'd be taking him away from his studies and what he should really be doing.

His guilt, my guilt, his guilt, my--the list just goes on.  But ya know what?  We talked about it, and we're getting over it.  It's a shock in the beginning, but after a few weeks the guilt fades into the reality of doing what is necessary for our family right now.

That--along with our discussion on how this whole medschool thing was BOTH of our decisions and we're BOTH in this together 100%--really helps us get past the guilt and focus on how happy we are when we do get to spend time together!


Change is Good said...

The Guilt is a HUGE stepping stone to get over. It was tougher for my husband than me. But easily understood being the reason for all the change. But we support each other 100% and I wouldn't have it any other way! Hope all is well now.

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