Building Bridges

Today Studoc and I went to a gathering of Mormon medschool students from his school.  It was pretty fun, and really comforting to meet other medschool families that are in similar positions we are.  It gets me out of my comfort zone.....putting myself out there to intentionally make new friends, but it is SO worth it and SO important for me to establish friendships with other medschool wives.  It felt good.  Building bridges.

I think the trials in our lives many times are what propel us to create the some of the most meaningful relationships.  When things were relatively easier for me not long ago, I was complacent with my friendships.  Like, I didn't have to really try.  But now that I've moved to a new place and am going through a difficult time and out of my comfort zone and lonely, what do I do?

I reach out.  

Even though it's hard.  But at the same time--it's exhilarating.

Thank goodness for the trials in our lives that force us to appreciate what we took for granted and become better versions of ourselves......and help us to form new friendships!


sbdunn said...

I totally get you when you're talking about moving to a new place for husband work/school, being forced out of your comfort zone in order to create a COMPLETELY new life for your family..... Thank goodness for people that have been in our shoes to help us along. Looking forward to reading upcoming posts.

medwifelife said...

Thank goodness for the church! Our med school has NO wives group whatsoever! Total bummer, and SO hard to meet other medwives. Luckily it's easy for my husband to spot the LDS guys, luckily they are all married, and luckily we get sports channels with BYU football so we could invite all the LDS couples over and meet everyone without it being TOO awkward... :-)

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