Study Buddy

When Studoc has tests, I fortunately and unfortunately get to be his personal study buddy.


  • I spend more time with him!
  • I am involved with what he's learning in school and that part of his life.
  • I feel warm fuzzy satisfaction knowing I'm able to help him succeed on his tests.
  • I create fun study methods for memorization (which I miss since I've been out of school!)

  • I have precious little interest in the intricacies of science. (I got a BA and not a BS for a reason dude!)
  • Never have I seen such a prolific amount of material to know for tests...seeing all that is stressful.
  • It takes a ton of time and energy to help study this stuff...the exhaustion can be hard when you still have to take care of a 1 year old and keep your lives at home running during "Before-Test-Med-Student-Checkout."

(I gotta hand it to med students with the burden of studying and the stress they constantly carry!)

Of course, overall I'm so happy to help Studoc study.  My most recent creation to help him memorize a ton of drugs and their categories and subcategories involves the use of cups. (I tried to come up something visual and tactile because Studoc--along with most people--is a visual and kinesthetic learner.)

We had a bunch of leftover plastic cups I used and labelled for the main categories for this drug set.

Each Main Category Red Cup has several Sub-category Clear Cups inside them.

Each Sub-category Clear Cup has many Colored Drug Sticks with drug names on them (and details on the backs of some).  We got the sticks on Amazon for super cheap.

We started out with Studoc placing the Sub-category Clear Cups into their correct Main Category Red Cup to at least get those straight.  The bulk of our time was spent with Studoc placing each Colored Drug Stick in the correct Sub-category Clear Cup and then telling any specifics about the drug.  Not only was this study method more fun than looking at words on pages, but it keeps your attention and is quickly effective because you're doing something.

Unfortunately, you can't do creative study aides like this with all the material...because there's simply too much information and nobody has that kind of time.  I mean, this drug set was just one part of one test!

Thankfully, Studoc has an amazing study buddy who is happy to prepare these supplies once in a while for the stuff he thinks he'll have the most trouble with. :)

Does anyone else have any good study ideas that we can steal utilize for test success?


Kensi said...

what a good idea! I too help out with the studying sometimes, but you're right, you can't do it all because there's simply too much information. I recently made a puzzle out of a chart for him and that seemed to help! And yeah, like you, seeing all of this is super stressful!

Wife of a MD/PhD Student said...

What a great idea! Your StuDoc is so lucky to have you to assist him with studying! I can't say half the words nevermind help him learn everything! :)

MJ @ MD School Mrs said...

Well then. I thought my helping with my hubby's flashcards was a pretty good effort. Not that I can, you know, pronounce anything. Looks like we need some of those multi-colored popsicle sticks over here! :)

lifeofadoctorswife said...

Wow - you are an AWESOME study buddy! What a great help.

All I ever did was read practice questions or hold up flashcards for my husband!

nickandhanna said...

This is great! We're going through pages and pages of drugs right now too, and I think this would definitely save me the embarrassment of butchering names, and the time it takes hubby to figure out what the hey I'm trying to say.

Most of the time hubby uses a white board (or me for the basic physical exam stuff), so I'll start thinking of more creative study tools. :)

medicalwife said...

Dude. You are awesome. I hope your studoc knows how fabulously lucky he is to have a study buddy like you!

So, I am passing along an award I received to you! It says to award it to new bloggers, and I know you aren't new, but you might be new for some people so I think it totally counts, and I think you're awesome. See the award at: http://medicalwife.wordpress.com/2011/04/11/a-blogging-award-for-me/

Caralee (CJ) Waddell said...

um, can you please come and help me study?? Fabulous ideas!

Amanda said...

I want to do this for my husband! I am a little confused (go figure) about why the same colors are all in one cup...wouldn't that be a dead giveaway on where the sticks go?

Mel said...

LoL. I know, it gets confusing! So the same colored sticks are the same color because they all belong to the same main category which are the red cups. Marcos already knew the main categories, so the fact that the sticks are the same color served as a reminder to which main category they belong to and not to test him.

Now, in each main red cup there are clear cups that are subcategories of the main red cups, which he needed to be tested on. On the floor, we placed the main red cup in view so his brain knew what overall category to switch gears to. Then we placed the 4 or 6 or however many clear cups in front of the red cup, mixed up the same colored sticks, and the point was to place them in the appropriate clear cup to memorize the sub categories. Does that make sense?

I sat next to him with his study lists with all the information about the drugs to check him. After he'd put a stick in a subcategory clear cup, he'd recite other information about the drug like how it works in the body, side effects, etc. I would check this info off on my sheet, because it's way too much info to put on cups or anything. We did this for each drug for all the categories.

The husband's head is swimming in too much information. The job of the study buddy is to zero in and ask, "Honey dearest, what are the most important things you need to remember?" In our case, if he knew the main and sub categories, he could remember or guess at the other information like how the drug works, because it's basically the same for each category.

Also, you must learn exactly how your husband learns. Mine can stare at a sheet of paper with words for weeks and it just doesn't stick. He needs it to be visual. He needs it to be tactile. Hence the colors and cups and sticks.

I hope this helps!:) Good luck with the studying!

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