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As I alluded to in my previous post, I've been busy lately being a practice patient for Studoc so he can study for his tests and perform assessments more fluidly.  I'm not gonna lie, sometimes it's hard to be the patient and have your blood pressure checked 60 times just for the practice (I have small arms, so the cuff always has to squeeze me to death to get any kind of reading!).  Not fun.

One thing I did have fun with was fabricating identities that Studoc had to remember.  A (very) small part of his doctoring exam is remembering the personal information you ask patients while taking their vitals (blood pressure, heart rate, etc.) while performing the actual procedures.  So I'd give him a bunch of fake information that by the end of it all, he had to repeat back.  Here's an example:

Studoc:  (while starting to take my vitals, and in his doctor tone)  Hi, can you tell me your name please?
Me:  Princess Peach.
Studoc:  Nice to meet you, Princess.  Can you tell me how old you are?
Me:  Ninety-seven.
Studoc:  Ninety-seven, wow, that's great.  Can you tell me where you are and be a little specific?
Me:  I'm in an apartment, sitting on a couch purchased at Costco.
Studoc:  That's nice and specific, thanks.  Can you tell me the date out to the year?
Me:  November something, 2010.
Studoc:  Okay, thanks.  Do you identify with any race or ethnicity?
Me:  Cambodian.
Studoc:  Cambodian?.....okay, that's great.  Do you identify with any sexual orientation?
Me:  Questioning.
Studoc:  Okay, thanks, Princess.  (Then the part he has to recite to the exam proctor)  This is a ninety-seven year old Cambodian female who is well-developed, well-nourished, and alert and oriented to person, place and time and shows no signs of acute distress.

That last part was solely from my own memory....pretty sure it's close to accurate (see honey?  I listen to your medical stuff! :)

Even though the playing patient part can be really uncomfortable (like having your husband blind your pupils, stick the looky-light thing in your ears and up your nose) HEY--an evening with hubby is an evening with hubby!


kBw said...

Oh my gosh! I hated it when he had to blind me...and the blood pressure cuff not my best friend. But the rest of it wasn't that bad. I made up details too, and had a really great time doing it :)

I hope you have a great rest of the week!

Keely said...

oh man- he examined my knee last week. It didn't hurt until after the exam. Better he hurt me so I can help him add a little gentleness to things before he gets a real patient.

Love your Peach personality!!

Anonymous said...

Heehee - I love this! I usually thought it was fun to be the patient. I'd construct elaborate complaints that I'd learned from House, and my husband would be so amazed that I knew what pheochromocytoma was and what the symptoms were. (Or whatever.)

Just Another Doctor's Wife said...

I really enjoyed this post! haha! A very thorough examination indeed - I'm sure he'll do great - thanks to Princess Peach. (Did he crack a smile at your responses?? hahaha I'd have cracked up!)

Change is Good said...

Very Funny! I'm a new fan of your blog :-) I too am a Wife of a med student, he's also in his first year. We have 2 children also so life is getting pretty intense but it's good! Thanks for creating this it's great to read others going through similar adventures.

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